Having a hypermedia API is great, but without a client to consume it, it is somewhat useless. Listed below are the officially supported and third party client tools that can consume Serrano's API.



A rich HTML5/JavaScript web client that provides a clean interface for discovering, querying and reporting on data using Serrano APIs. This is the official client of The Harvest Stack and is guaranteed to stay up-to-date with Serrano APIs. Check out the demo to see what it looks like.

Note: Cilantro is currently under heavy development and various components may be incomplete until it has been released. Keep track of the progress here


Be the first one to write a client, big or small! Scan the list of ideas for some inspiration.

Ideas & Inspiration

  • Command-line interface (CLI) that can consume the APIs
    • One implementation recommendation is using requests
  • Field and Concept metadata appendix
    • This would act as an appendix for the data available in the system. The focus would be on searchability and presentability of the names, descriptions and other metadata in a readable way
    • The format is similar to AudGenDB's data descriptions documentation